The Red Devil Project Page Three-2021

To start the 2021 season, I needed to get the Red Devil back up on jack stands.  That included the new Harbor Freight 6-ton stands I bought last year.  This is going to be a very busy season!


The first order of business for 2021 was to get the radiator, transmission cooler and oil cooler mounted and hooked up.  The radiator is an aluminum 3-row racing radiator.  For it to fit, I needed to modify the rubber bushings it sits in, and modify the radiator shroud housing.  I had originally planned to mount the Derale transmission cooler in the rear, but decided to mount it out in front of the radiator in the cool-air chamber.  Sandwiched between it and the radiator, would go the Hayden oil cooler.  The oil cooler was originally meant to be attached to the radiator itself, but since I planned to install two pusher fans on the front side of the radiator, the oil cooler, would need a pair of custom mounting brackets.  The transmission cooler also needed mounting straps fabricated.  I also installed a 1-inch carb spacer.  Once that was all installed, next came plumbing the transmission cooler, the radiator and then the oil cooler.  I also reinstalled the factory cooling fan, with a brand new motor.  In all, I will be running four cooling fans; one for the transmission cooler, two radiator push-fans, and the factory pull fan.  It is all ready for fluid now.  After that, I can connect the carb linkage, finish the HEI distributor and then do a buttload of electrical wiring.  Unless I have forgotten something, it will then be ready to start and begin tuning.