Patton Museum

Fort Knox, Kentucky



In 1984, US Congressman Allan Wheat arranged for me to get a special back-stage tour of the Patton Museum at Fort Knox, Kentucky with the director of the museum.  I had to drive to Erie, Pa., to pick up a 4 foot stack of documents from Colonel Bill Miller, USARet related to the 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils and the 80th Infantry Division Blue Ridgers that I would be using as the basis for my book.  Col. Miller and I were to meet at the Red Devil Reunion in Erie, then I would drive down to Fort Knox before coming home.  While at the museum, I was given the red carpet treatment, and besides the actual museum exhibits, my family and I were allowed to explore the “rolling stock” and other artifacts owned by the museum, and kept outside, on the grounds of the fort itself.  The rolling stock, were tanks the museum owned, which were kept in a maintenance building, and were used in live displays, parades, etc., and kept in running condition.  We spent the entire day exploring, and I am forever grateful to the museum staff for their fabulous hospitality.