Welcome To De Le Rose Great Danes

I had my love of dogs instilled in me, by my mother.  I have owned dogs of all descriptions all my life, and loved them all, but none more than the King of Canines, the “gentle giant”, the Great Dane!  My dogs carry the “De Le Rose” name in tribute to my mother.  In these pages, I plan to share photos of my dogs, and maybe help those of you who don’t know this breed very well, learn a little.  While we may have “show-quality” dogs or pups, we raise our dogs to be good companions.  From time to time, we may have pups available for sale, and will make appropriate announcements below.  Our dogs are all A.K.C. Registered and we comply fully with their standards.

I am thrilled to announce that our Sefa has started her first heat.  She and Hrolfr will be breeding.  If it takes, we should have pups sometime in November, and they would be ready to go home in January.

If you’d care to get on the waiting list for our next litter, contact me. We always accept people to get on our waiting list for a pup. Being on the list gets you a priority of choice based on your position on the list, and a nice discount in price. We conform to AKC Standards. We do not in-breed, or “line-breed” as some call it. We do not crop ears. We work hard to socialize pups from birth until they go home. We are not a for-profit business, but breed for love of the breed. Our adult dogs live in our home, and are very much a part of our family. In over 20 years of breeding, we have never had an unhappy puppy buyer, and work hard to send you home with a well-rounded, intelligent and happy family member. On our website, you’ll find many photos of our current and past dogs, and many of the pups we’ve produced in the past. If you ever have questions, feel free to email me at Danes@TheOldViking.com