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Awesome Sterling Silver Norse Viking Celtic Thor Necklace Or Beard/Hair Bead


Offered here is an Awesome Sterling Silver Norse Viking Celtic Thor Hammer Necklace, Bracelet Or Beard/Hair Bead. Weighing 18 grams, the bead measures 7/8 inch long, and 9/16 inch wide. This was made by a master silversmith in the Ukraine. On the sides of the Thor Hammer shaped bead, is the Norse-Viking God Thor Runic Symbol. This bead would work great on a necklace, bracelet or worn in the hair or on your beard. The holes in the bead are 5mm.

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Giant Lawrence Mathias Mabinogion Scene Oil Painting


When I purchased this painting from an Englishman, I only knew that I liked it.  I had no clue about the artist or the subject, other than it looked to me to be a Norman-Viking hunt scene.  When purchased, it came as only a canvas, the original frame was not present.  When it arrived, I was blown away by the detail and beauty of this piece!  This piece is huge!  It measures 44 X 29 3/4 inches!  For a frame that would compliment this painting, I searched all over the US for just the right molding.  Art City Frames in California custom made the frame for me out of a 6-inch wide ornate gold hardwood molding.  The frame alone is about 100 pounds!  The painting is signed by the Artist, Lawrence Mathias and dated 1989.  Not being an art expert, I was unaware of who the artist was.  I began researching him, and discovered that he is quite well known in Britain as an artist and an art educator.  I contacted Mr. Mathias, and inquired about this painting.


Mr. Mathias kindly responded: “… Yes, the painting was done by me originally for a hotel in West Wales, the Cleddau Bridge, and is one from a series of either 6 or 8 paintings (I forget now the number), which was commissioned by the hotel.  It is actually illustrating a scene from the tales of Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed, which feature in the old Welsh stories of the Mabinogion.  In this picture, Pwyll is out hunting with his hounds when his pack drive away the hounds from a rival chieftain, which has just felled a stag.  The painting depicts the moment when the other king, Annwn (associated with the Celtic god of the underworld), emerges from the woodland behind to confront the erring Pwyll, who has been complicit in the taking of the other man’s quarry – he has set his own hounds on the dying stag!  Considerable license was taken with historical detail, but the aim was to capture something of the feel of the stories.  The other paintings in the series illustrated other colourful scenes, including Pwyll’s bewitchment by his beautiful wife-to-be, Rhiannon; a battle between Pwyll and another rival on horseback; and the theft of his baby son, Pryderi, by a monster.  The set of paintings were displayed for some years at the hotel, but management changed hands over a number of occasions, and I presume the paintings that have survived have dispersed to various locations.


I am currently living in N.W. London, and have been fortunate enough to earn a living through painting and community art projects.  Thank you for your kind remarks about the painting itself – I remember clearly working on the series, and the name of the manager who commissioned them, Mr. Mullins, who was a very encouraging patron at the time, as I had just started out as a freelance painter!

With best wishes for Xmas and the New Year

Lawrence Mathias”


This magnificent painting needs a large room to show it off at it’s best.  The frame is just under 5 feet wide!  Any fan of Welsh and British history should love this painting, as well as those interested in medieval hunting and dog scenes!  To help tell the story this painting portrays, I have included the portion of the Mabinogion below, which pertains to Pwyll, Prince of Dyved!  A real classical romantic tale!  Due to the size and weight of this piece, pick-up or freight shipping will be required.  Local delivery is available free in the Kansas City, Missouri Metropolitan area.  For freight shipping, we will crate the painting without labor charges, but will require the buyer to pay materials cost.  We will also work with the buyer to identify a safe but cost-effective shipper.  I am told that major van-lines will ship items this large.  It is definitely too big for standard carriers.  If you are looking for the ultimate gift for the discerning art-lover in your life, this is it!

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Ultra Rare Antique 830S Østrem Norwegian Dragestil Dragons
Viking Belt Buckle

This Ultra Rare Antique 830S Østrem Norwegian Dragestil Dragons Viking Belt Buckle was made by the World Famous Master Silversmith Hans Christian Østrem. Hans Christian Østrem was born in 1842, and died in 1912. Hans Christian Østrem established his wholesale business in 1875 in Carl Johans Street (Thune building). This was the first Norwegian wholesale business in the country’s jewelry industry. He started out as the sole agent in Norway for Die Württembergische Metallwarefabrik, but eventually dealt only as a supplier to jewelry stores. The company was for many years the leading wholesaler in the jewelry industry in Norway. His son, also Hans Christian, took over the company when he died, but it was later sold outside of the family.

This outstandingly rare belt buckle is made in the Dragestil style. Dragestil (“Dragon Style”) is a style of design and architecture that originated in Norway and was widely used principally between 1880 and 1910 during the Norwegian Independence movement when Norwegians were reviving their national Norse-Viking traditions and culture. It is a variant of the more embracing National Romantic style and an expression of Romantic nationalism. The foremost sources of inspiration for the Dragestil style were the Viking and medieval art and architecture of Scandinavia. It had roots in preservation of the stave churches and the recent excavated of historic relics of the past such as the Tune, Gokstad and Oseberg ships. It often featured Norse motifs, such as serpents and dragons, hence its popular appellation.

This stunningly beautiful masterpiece measures 4 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches high. It weighs 54 grams, or 1.9 ounces of .830 Silver. It features four dragons with Ruby eyes. It bears the Hans Christian Østrem hallmark of OXO and 830S mark for the silver content. Pieces of Hans Christian Østrem jewelry don’t become available often, and I’ve never seen another buckle like this one in 40 years of buying and selling jewelry. Whether you are a collector, or just looking for the ultimate gift for yourself or your King or Queen, this is the piece for you. It is offered with FREE Insured USPS Priority Mail shipping within the Continental US 48 States. Don’t let this ultra rare antique slip past you; it may never appear in public again!  Price-$799.99 With Free Shipping

Rare Vintage Stonebridge Pottery Salt & Pepper Set

Stonebridge Pottery was founded in 1976, the last-surviving purveyor of the sprig ware craft developed by Josiah Wedgwood. This art form involves hand carving and embossing an already created piece of pottery such as a tankard or coffee mug. The sprig is the medallion that is placed over the pottery form. While it may look simple to the untrained eye, the process from start to finish is complex and has many steps. Most crucial is the waxing method used to obtain glaze all around the medallion but not over it. Without proper experience, many pieces can be lost when the clay is wet as the area with the medallion is heavier than other areas and can cave in. Stonebridge Pottery in England went out of business in 2006-2007. Stonebridge is famous for producing whimsical, charming stoneware mugs designed by world renown artist Courtney Davis. I bought up a bunch of Stonebridge pieces when they went out of business, and they sold out almost immediately, they are so collectible. I have a large collection of coffee mug sized Stonebridge pieces in my home. This Stonebridge Pottery salt & pepper set is in average used condition (includes original box), and show usage. These tan & brown salt & peppers measure 3 inches tall, 2 1/4 inches across the top, and 3 1/8 x 2 1/2 inches at the base. We only sell within the US.
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Gorgeous Sterling Silver Celtic-Norse-Viking Wolf Head Necklace

This Gorgeous Sterling Silver Celtic-Norse-Viking Wolf Head Necklace weighs a hefty 46 grams, or 1.6 ounce of Sterling Silver. It’s vintage Byzantine woven Sterling Silver chain measures 19 7/8 inches long, and 1/8 inch thick. The 1 1/4 inches long pendant is 11/16 inch wide. I had this pendant made for me by a master silversmith in the Ukraine. We only sell within the US, and offer free shipping within the lower 48 States.

Price-$159.99 Free Shipping