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80th "Blue Ridge" Infantry Division

In World War One


I wish to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Robert T. Murrell, Secretary/Editor of the 80th Infantry Division Blue Ridge Association for preserving these memories of World War One.  We believe these photos belonged to Howard C. Spencer, 2nd Lt., HQ, 1st Bn & Engineer Tr. last known to have been from Richmond, VA.  They were part of a scrapbook donated to the 80th Division Association so many years ago that all traces of who donated it have been lost to time.  If we have mis-attributed them to this man, it is not for a lack research.  To whomever they belonged, we are deeply indebted!

Terry D. Janes



Dated 08, 1934 from Left to Right- Col. Peyton, Wm. L. Reed, General Cronkhite, Mrs. Cronkhite, and Wm. Schrader.  General Cronkhite was the Commanding General of the 80th Infantry Division in World War One.



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