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World War One

"The War To End All Wars"

American Expeditionary Forces


Dedicated to all who fought and died in the "War to end all wars"!  While this site is primarily focused upon the 80th Infantry Division, I hope to educate and inform the public about World War One in general, and especially the role of the American Expeditionary Force in the war.  Contributions from our readers are always welcome.  I hope that as this area develops, it may serve as a fitting tribute to those brave souls who fought that horrible war.

Terry D. Janes

Liberty Memorial Museum & Monument

The Only Museum Dedicated Soley To World War One!

80th "Blue Ridge" Infantry Division

World War One

Spencer Scrapbook

Lt. Albert J. Shartle

315th Machine Gun Battalion

80th Infantry Division, A.E.F.

Distinguished Service Cross Awardee

Frank J. Kaib

80th Infantry Division-A.E.F.

Pvt. Andrew P. Craig

80th Infantry Division-A.E.F.

Company E, 318th Infantry Regiment

80th Infantry Division-A.E.F. World War One

The Bayonet

Remembrance Book Of Camp Lee, Virginia

80th Infantry Division-A.E.F. World War One

Company D, 319th Regiment

80th Infantry Division-A.E.F. World War One


80th Infantry Division-A.E.F. World War One

Imperial German Images-World War One

French Images-World War One

American Images-World War One

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