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Private Andrew Perry Craig

Company B

314th Machine Gun Battalion

80th Infantry Division

World War One



I got an email from the great-grandson of Private Andrew P. Craig, Company B, 314th Machine Gun Battalion, 80th Infantry Division, World War One. Mr. Bowles writes: ".my Maternal Great Grandfather served in the 80th during that conflict. His name was Andrew Perry Craig, he was assigned the 314th Machine gun battalion, Company B, and was with the division in the trenches during the Meuse-Argonne campaign, up until the armistice. I don't really know a lot about my Great Grandfather, since he passed away before I was born, however, he has inspired me to research him and his service for most of my life. I have a few of his effects from that time period, including: his helmet, his gas mask, his ID bracelet, a panoramic photo of his battalion, and a collection of letters he had written home during his time in the military. I've attached files that include a picture of him, and the aforementioned effects, along with a copy of a transcript of the letters I had typed, for you to look at if you want, or even include on your website if you would like.


I've been in contact with the 80th Div, veterans association, and their historian was able to confirm his assignment in the division and battalion. They sent me a photocopy of the book "The 314th Machine Gun Battalion History" by Major Robert H. Cox. I however would like to locate an actual hardback copy of this book, if you might know of any. The book has proven most helpful in researching my Grandfather, and it too confirms his attendance with the battalion, as his name appears in the company roster on p71.


I have concluded that he was drafted from Wilmington OH, on 25th May, 1918. Was sent to Camp Zachary Taylor Louisville KY, for training in Co. D. 336th Inf (84th Division) then assigned to the 159th Dep. Brig. He was then transferred to a Machine Gun Co attached to the 153rd Inf (39th Division) at Camp Beauregard LA on 11th June, 1918 before departing for France on 6th Aug, 1918. He once again was transferred on 17th Oct, 1918 into the 314th Machine Gun Battalion (80th Division) in time for the second phase of the Meuse-Argonne offensive, and remained with that battalion until his honorable discharge on 15th June, 1919.


Through family oral history, I know he was gassed several time by the Germans with Mustard gas, which lead to him having chronic breathing problems for the remainder of his life. He eventually developed lung cancer, in his later years, and ultimately sub-combed to it in 1977.


I still am trying to research more into his involvement during the war, and all (if any) medals and decorations and merits he may have earned. Any help or advice for researching that would be greatly appreciated.


As a result of his service, (along with my paternal grandfather's service during WWII) I personally have developed an extreme interest in the study of History and both World Wars. I currently am in pursuit of a degree in History at a local community college, and I'm working as a volunteer at a local Veteran's Memorial Museum, preserving relics from all American conflicts. I look forward to reading the book I bought from you, and just wanted to say thank you for it.


Mr. Jeremy W. Bowles"


If anyone knows anything further on Private Craig, or has a reasonably priced hardcover copy of the book he is seeking, please contact the webmaster.



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