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Patton's Troubleshooters





Over the years, my dear friend Ken Pugh has impressed and amazed me so many times that words fail to express it completely.  Ken owns an impressive fleet of US World War Two vehicles, and an insane amount of period clothing and assorted gear.  When Ken first contacted me years ago, with the idea of converting his fleet to represent "Patton's Troubleshooters" and use them as a rolling, living history display to help educate younger generations about what life was like for those who lived through and fought in World War Two, quite frankly, I was not expecting much.  That my expectations were so low just shows how little I knew Ken Pugh yet.  To say I was impressed and amazed is really a major understatement.  In 2009, for the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy by Allied forces, Ken staged his own mini-invasion of Normandy.  I say "mini-invasion", and the only thing "mini" about it was the number of vehicles and people involved in comparison to the original invasion.  Ken's invasion came at great personal financial expense and involved an enormous amount of planning, so in short, it was a major undertaking.


Since then, Ken has taken his fleet to numerous public events and schools, educating countless people about the war, and helping to raise funds for charities.  Ken is not alone in this endeavor, but is helped by a group of very wonderful volunteers who share his vision and make his dreams possible.  These volunteers and Ken deserve profound thanks from all of us for the selfless energy they pour into their work.  Ken continues to grow his fleet and expanding his plans constantly.  Ken makes nothing financially for his efforts, and as you can well imagine, the costs involved are horrendous to say the least!  Just the gasoline alone, to drive these vehicles to and from an event staggers the mind.  In order to help offset his expenses, Ken started a company called GI Sales And Hire to sell off his unneeded gear and hire his fleet out to anyone wanting to do a special event or possibly even make a film.  Ken's website is a long-time link-partner with this website, and can be visited from our links section or here, as well.  Stay tuned to this section, as I will be adding many new items as time goes by to let you know about the wonderful work Ken and his Troubleshooters volunteers do.



Bradford, England 2009


Croft, England 2010


Croft, England 2011


D-Day 2009


Elvington, England 2009


Elvington, England 2010


Elvington, England 2011


Elvington, England 2012


Embsay, England 2009


Harrogate, England 2012


Heckmwondike, England 2010


Heckmwondike, England 2011


Helperby, England 2009


Honoring Wounded Warriors


Howarth, England 2011



Ken Pugh's Vehicle Specs




Leeds, England Armed Forces Day 2010


Leeds, England Armed Forces Day 2011


Leeds, England Armed Forces Day 2012


Leyburn, England 2011


Memorial Day 2010


Normandy 2010


Normandy 2011


Northallerton 2011


Patton's Troubleshooters 2008


Patton's Troubleshooters Today


Pickering, England 2009


Pickering, England 2010


Pickering, England 2011


Pudsey Grangefield School 2011


RAF Linton On Ouse




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