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 I am proud to present you with the new home of The Troubleshooters WW2 history project, the WW1 History project, the Norse History Project, The Viking's Plunder Fine Jewelry and De Le Rose Great Danes.  I have combined my three websites into this one.  The other two domains and will be sold to help offset my costs.  There are 5815 pages in the website as of this moment, and we plan to grow it from here.  Please be patient while I work to update and improve the site.  As you can imagine, re-coding all those pages is a monumental task.  I ask that if anyone spots any obvious page errors, please let me know at the email address at the bottom of each page.  At the moment, the Patton's Troubleshooters e-book is not available, and neither are the DVD's we offered.  I may be making those available in the future, and I do have some old copies on hand, but the focus of my work right now is getting the site up and functional, and then making improvements where I can.  Until then, please pardon the dust as I construct an even better website than ever before! -Terry D. Janes





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