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(Born To Kyrja & Thor June 6, 2011)


Hershell & Zoie


For a young guy, Hershell has had a tough beginning! He was born June 6, 2011 to Kyrja & Thor. When we made him available to adopt, I had three different families wanting this big, handsome boy! I usually always take families on a first-come-first-serve basis. The family who stepped up first told me that they had a senior-citizen Dane that was not expected to live long, and they just had to have this boy. Being experienced Dane owners who wanted a pup to replace a much-loved senior pet, I figured that he would be in great hands. This pup was exceptionally sweet and had spent many long hours cuddled in my lap while I had him, so I especially wanted him to have a happy, loving home. At 8 Weeks of age, he went off to his new home.


A few weeks later, I got a email from a lady who asked me if I was the breeder of this pup. I replied that he was indeed from Thor & Kyrja's litter. She and her husband had purchased him through Craig's List from the people I'd sold him to. They had only paid one-third what his previous owners had paid me just a few weeks earlier. Along with him, his new owners even got his AKC papers. The story I heard broke my heart. The original owners had not one elderly Dane, but two, and the owners left this pup alone out in their yard with these adult dogs, who then used this poor baby as a chew toy. The original owners had enough good sense to get rid of the pup before he was killed. By the time his new owners got him, he was covered in scars, but he still had his sweet personality. He was indeed a very lucky guy to find this new family, as they love him dearly, and I fully anticipate that he will have a long, healthy and loving life! I could not be happier for my little boy!



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