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De Le Rose Great Danes



(Born Friday, October 13th, 2006)


According to his owner, "He's getting so big.  We are pretty fortunate.  He is a great dog.  (Not that he doesn't have a few problems climbing on the couch, chewing my shoes, eating bibles, or getting clothes down to chew on.)  He loves leather.  I found that out.  He was potty trained in less then 2 weeks.  He's got such a great temperament.  I couldn't be happier with any other dog.  Thanks again for everything!"  I'm thrilled to hear that Rueger is doing well!  He looks so much like his grandfather!  All except his penchant for leather, it sounds as though he's taken after his grandpa in personality too!  Eating a bible may be his way of getting religion!





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