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De Le Rose Great Danes



(From Cherie & Wulf's Fifth Litter)

Born August 12, 2004


Titus is from Cherie and Wulf's fifth litter.  His owner writes: "I was so sad to hear about Wulf. I have to tell you, Titus is growing up to be a handsome man like his daddy.  He is SO tall that he can reach his head into the kitchen sink without having to put any paws up!  He has finally stopped growing UP and is finally filling OUT.  He is a wonderful Dane and we love him SO much!  He did sleep with me since the night he came home with me.  However.....he is a big time bed hog so I have since had to put an end to that or I get NO sleep!  Titus is perfectly content with the couch but would much rather have the bed!  I work for a Bernese Mountain Dog rescue and have a puppy that will be One year old soon.  He and Titus LOVE each other and wrestle all the time!  It's funny cause Titus doesn't realize he is SO much bigger than Zeke (my BMD).....typical Dane!  I will try to get better pictures of Titus but I only have a camera phone so it doesn't take the best pictures. I want you to see how tall he is!  Hope everything is going well! Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family!"


Titus looks like his daddy Wulf, but I can also see mamma Cherie's face in him too!


Looks Like Titus Has Outgrown That Bed A Little!




Terry D. Janes

7628 East 52nd Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64129




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