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De Le Rose Great Danes


Mr. Beefy!

(Born December 27, 2005-Saga & Odin's 5th Litter)


Back in December 2005, the family of Big Noodles Johnson was devastated by his sudden death.  (Click Here To See Photos Of Johnny)  By chance, our Saga (Johnny's mamma) delivered a litter just a few days afterwards.  While they couldn't replace Johnny in their hearts, they wanted another Great Dane like Johnny.  I promised them that we could fulfill that wish.  They selected the pup in these following pages, and named him Mr. Beefy!  Beefy is a great kid!  He was especially adoring of people, so I had a good feeling that he might be good at helping to heal some broken hearts.  From these photos, I'd say that he has made a great start!  I wish Mr. Beefy and his family a very long, healthy, happy life together!  I will update these pages as he grows and I get updates!





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