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Riley & Regan

(Riley: Born To Merlin's Wulf De Le Rose And Thor's Cherie Amour 2-23-2004)


On February 23. 2004, our Cherie gave birth to five pups. Wulf was Cherie's lifelong mate, and the father of these pups. One of the girls was the spitting image of Wulf. When the pups were nearly ready to go off to their new homes, I got a call from a lady, Laurie Konz. She wanted a black female pup for her young daughter, and the female pup that looked like Wulf was the perfect candidate. We came to an agreement on price, and when the day came, Laurie's husband Mike and their Daughter; Regan came to pick up the pup. I remember Regan as a sweet little girl of about nine or ten years old. The excitement in her young face when I handed her the squirming black puppy really stuck in my mind.


Years passed, and not long ago I got a letter in the mail. The letter was from Laurie Konz, and the story she told me both broke my heart and at the same time filled me with awe, wonder, and pride.


Regan Showing Riley




As I said, Laurie's letter broke my heart. I was sad that my once little puppy was now gone, and that that beautiful little girl I had remembered had went through so much pain and misery. The awe and wonder I felt, was about what a real difference these beautiful Great Dane creatures can make in people's lives. The pride was that my baby girl had been there, and helped someone else's baby girl get through such an awful time in her life. I am not ashamed to say that the letter brought tears to my eyes. I re-read the letter again, and it finally sunk into my head that Regan was facing yet another surgery, and this one could turn out to be either the best thing to happen to her, or it could go terribly bad and this young girl could die. Knowing what Riley meant to Regan, and knowing that when people are facing danger it is best if they have a positive attitude, I thought that just maybe if Regan had something happy to look forward to before she went into surgery, then maybe, just maybe, it might help her get through this surgery. I could not replace Regan's beloved friend Riley, but I could do the next best thing; I wanted to give Regan a puppy.


I had to reach Laurie & Mike Konz before they left Hays, Kansas for the hospital in Denver. I tried to locate a phone number to no avail. Hays, Kansas is a fairly small town. A thought suddenly came to me. I called the Hays Police Department non-emergency number and spoke to a very nice, understanding female dispatcher. I explained as briefly as I could Regan's story, and further explained that I wanted to reach the Konz family before they left for Denver, so I could offer Regan a puppy, so that she would have something happy to look forward to when they wheeled her into surgery. I believed that Regan needed something happy to look forward to. The dispatcher said that she would see what she could do, and we hung up. After our talk, the dispatcher called the Konz home, and spoke to Laurie. Laurie was a bit shocked and afraid of bad news when the dispatcher announced she was calling from the Hays Police Department, but quickly got over that when she learned what the call was about. At this point, I'd like to add a profound "Thank You!" to that kind Hays Police Dispatcher for going beyond the call of duty and helping me reach out to this family!


A couple weeks or so later, I got a very happy and heartwarming email. It was from Regan herself:


Dear Mr. Janes,

My mother told me about her phone call with you about your offer about giving me a puppy from your next litter. I never expected to hear something like that. It is such a generous offer and I'd be happy to accept it! She also told me how you said that you and your family would be praying for me. Thank you, that really means a lot and I appreciate it so much. I never expected to hear any of this so I'm just really happy and still a little shocked at the same time.


Riley was my best friend and went through all these tough years with me. I don't know what I would have done with out her. Things sure would have been a lot harder and I'm so glad that she was always there for me. She'll always be the most special and I don't think I'll ever find another dog quite like her. Here are a few more pictures of her for you!


Thanks so much again,

Regan Konz


Update: The first part of this email was supposed to be sent last Sunday before my surgery, but my mother had given me the wrong email address! So here I am a week after my procedure and I am doing really well. The surgery went well and I got out of the hospital after a little over three days. I'm feeling better and better as each day goes on and I really feel that I'm actually seeing light at the end of the tunnel for once. Here is a picture of the hardware they took out during the procedure last Monday:



Once again I just want to thank you for all of your prayers and also for the puppy offer! It's the only thing that's been on my mind recently and I absolutely am overjoyed that I may be getting another Dane sometime in the future! Thank you so much!




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