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Big Noodles Johnson (Johnny)!

(From Saga & Odin's Third Litter)


I was thrilled to get the following letter and photos of one of our former babies!  His owner Jennifer writes: "…we named him Big Noodles Johnson (Johnny).  You probably remember him as the big loveable one that likes to give a lot of kisses.  Anyhow, we absolutely love him and couldn't have asked for a better dog.  He is a very smart dog and potty trained and learned his tricks really fast.  Johnny loves to play with my other dog Holly (Boxer) and Holly loves having him around to play in the backyard.  As you can see from the pictures Johnny has taken over our couch bean bag chair and that's where you will usually find him laying.  Johnny is 6 months old now and he weighs 100 lbs!  I still cant believe how little he was when we first brought him home and how much he has grown... and how much more he will be growing!  Thank you so much for such an awesome dog!  We will make sure he has the best life possible and I will make sure to keep you updated on how he is doing and sending pictures; I need to take a more recent picture, but its hard to take one of him outside cause he's always moving.


Thanks again, Jennifer and Dan"





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