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Jayce Turns One Year Old!


My former baby, Jayce turns 1 year old this month (Feb. 2005).  I got the nicest letter and these photos from her human, Kendell, and with her permission, I would like to share them with you.  She writes:


Hi Terry,

Jayce will be turning 1 year old this month and I wanted to take this chance to thank you again.  There are days when she lays her big ol' head in my lap that I know she is purely heaven sent.  I have told so many people that even if I could have filled out paperwork defining every characteristic of my ideal dog's personality, I couldn't have found a better match than my not-so-little girl.  So thanks for bringing us together.  I've attached a few of my favorite pictures.  She's wearing a doggie sweater in our Christmas pictures that she doesn't like very much, but it was only for pictures! :)

Thanks again,



My thanks to you Kendell and Jayce!  This is what makes all the hard work worthwhile!  Happy Birthday Jayce!  We miss you, but know you are happy, and making others happy too!  That is what this is all about!





Happy Birthday Jayce!



Terry D. Janes

7628 East 52nd Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64129




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