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Princess Tiger Lily

(From Odin & Saga's Second Litter)


Meet Princess Tiger Lily!  She was from Odin & Saga's Second Litter


When I had this pup, I called her "Thumbellina".  The reason I called her that was because she was a miracle baby and when born, only about as big around as my thumb.  I really didn't expect her to survive the night!  When morning came, and she was still alive, I began working intensely to keep her alive and help her thrive.  She had all kinds of fight to survive!  And I just helped her along.  We pushed the bigger pups aside so she could suckle, and as soon as we could, we began hand-feeding her ourselves.  I worked with this young lady around the clock, as did the rest of my family!  She thrilled us with her response.  She worked with us, and grew especially fond of humans as a result of all this intense work.  Her permanent family is obviously quite proud of her as well!  And it is easy to see that she thrives in their care and love.  I expect that when fully grown, she will be about average in size, and is living proof that the runt of a litter is sometimes the best dog!  She tries harder, and loves deeper because of the love she gets!  I am so proud of this young lady!  God bless her and her family!









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