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De Le Rose Great Danes



(Born August 8, 2009 To Kyrja & Odin)


Finch's owner writes: "Hello Terry! I thought I would drop you a note seeing as Finch is now three months old today (and because I've been slacking on sending pictures!). Sadly, her little distinctive black dipstick of a tail is growing more tan as the days go by, but she's happy, healthy, and the sweetest puppy one could possibly imagine. And she's SMART! Sit, shake, sit pretty, down, and "bang!" (play dead); it's hard to think of things to teach her because she catches on so quickly! It was difficult the first couple weeks to take pictures of her because she always wanted to be in a lap and too close to the camera, but I managed to snap a few for posterity. I don't think I can ever thank you enough for going through with this litter and giving me the best puppy... ever. She's truly a blessing and I can't imagine life without her... or with any other dog! Hope everything is well,

Sarah and Ben (and Finch!)" I sincerely wish a long, happy life together for Sarah, Ben and Finch! I really wanted to keep Finch for myself, but alas, the city says I already have enough Great Danes! At least she has a happy home and people who love her as I do!


Finch the day after she came "home."


Finch, a few days after she turned two months old. Showing that she KNOWS she's a lapdog!



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