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De Le Rose Great Danes



Hrolfr's Meili Skjald Maer De Le Rose

(Born To Fred & Ali, May 22, 2015)


I take great pride in presenting our new royal princess, Hrolfr's Meili Skjald Maer De Le Rose! Her name, loosely translates as Famous Wolf's Beautiful Shield Maiden Of The Rose, but we just call her Meili, which means "The Beautiful". Meili is half European Dane, and half American Dane. Her daddy is Fred, a full European Dane, and one of the most gorgeous Great Dane males I have ever met. On July 18, the breeder we got Meili from delivered her to us, and brought Fred along so I could meet him in person. Fred and I hit it off right away, and he was using me as a leaning post immediately. After the breeder left, I introduced Meili to Hrolfr, and he was smitten instantly and immediately tried to show her. She was just 8 weeks old, and he was 12 weeks old, so needless to say, this sort of attention pretty much overwhelmed her, so we had to rescue her and make him admire her from afar. Meili settled in right away with our home, us and our other dogs. She is bold and fearless, and in her relationship with Hrolfr, she wears the pants, and he's all too happy to let her lead. We are all already madly in love with this little beauty!



Fred, Meili's Father





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