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(Born To Odin & Freya, April 25, 2015)


Ruby was born in Freya & Odin's Fifth Litter.  She went to a great family who got a couple of our other pups in the past.  Ruby is a mellow girl, and a very bright one as well.  She loves to cuddle!  Her owner says, "I have to say she's been the easiest puppy we've ever had.  I'll preface this by saying *knock on wood* but she hasn't had any issues potty training.  No accidents in the house or her kennel where she sleeps at night.  She's not a big fan of the kennel, but she'll get used to it over time.  She and Meg are getting along great.  Meg knows what food bowl is Ruby's and won't touch it unless we leave the house.  The kids are in hog heaven.  She plays with them and faux barks when she gets excited.  They think she's the cutest thing ever.  We haven't started any training for her other than potty and kennel training.  When we do, I'm sure she will pick up on it quickly.  She seems very bright!!"





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