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Odin's Ganga Hrolfr De Le Rose

(Born To Odin & Freya, April 25, 2015)


June 22, 2015-It is with great pleasure that I introduce the newest member of the De Le Rose Great Danes family, Odin's Ganga Hrolfr De Le Rose. Hrolfr, pronounced "rolf" is named after Ganga Hrolfr, the first Duke of Normandy. Hrolfr was a Norseman who invaded France and conquered the land now called Normandy, and Normandy itself gets its name from the North-men who settled it. Hrolfr and his Norsemen had in effect already conquered Normandy when in order to make peace, the French King Charles the Simple gave the land to the Norsemen in exchange for an oath of fealty from Hrolfr. It was from Hrolfr that the dynasty of Dukes of Normandy sprang, including William The Conqueror. Hrolfr was called Ganga or Gangr, which means "walker" because he was too big to ride a horse. The French called Hrolfr "Rollo". Hrolfr itself, loosely translated from Old Norse to English means "famous wolf".Our Hrolfr's great-great-grandfather was named Wulf, so his name has a double meaning. Hrolfr represents a departure for us, from breeding Black and Harlequin Great Danes. The fawn color DNA in Hrolfr jumped past many generations in the family tree, to show up in him, and I wish to reinforce that in the future.


Hrolfr At 1 Week Of Age




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