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From Saga & Odin's Final Litter

(Born Monday, March 31st, 2008)


Peyote was one of three surviving pups from our Saga & Odin's final litter. Saga was carrying 13 pups, and late in her pregnancy they tore her uterus and she required an emergency surgery to remove the uterus and pups. Sadly, bacteria had spread to the pups, and before we could find a suitable antibiotic to kill the infection, we lost ten of the 13 pups. The pups needed to be hand-raised, which meant in the beginning, I was feeding the pups by syringe every 15 minutes. We later lost Saga due to complications of the whole ordeal, but we saved her three final babies. Saga's older Son, Thor was very good about helping me take care of these pups, and assigned himself as their lord and protector.




Gradually we reached the point that the pups were able to go off to their new homes. The white boy pup went to a man in a nearby town, and I never did hear anything more about him. Recently, I got a phonecall from the pup's owner, and he told me that Peyote was doing great, up to 155 lb. and because he was hand-raised, is very devoted to his owner. He promised to send me photos, which I present here. He looks very much like his big brother, Thor!





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