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Born To Leysa & Freyr


Fergie is Leysa & Freyr's daughter. She was originally sold as a pup to a family who later had a change of circumstances, and could not keep her. Fergie was quickly adopted by another good family, and after a bit of adjustment, she's adapted quite well. Her new family owns a balloon business, and her new mommy writes: "She's put on some weight and is looking good. She's really starting to fill out, so I expect her to gain a few more pounds before she's done. She has such a gentle temperament that I take her up to the shop on Sundays and Tuesdays. She seems to enjoy the people coming in to pet her and she really loves getting dog ice cream from Murray's. She doesn't love baths much, but is starting to get used to the idea that they have to happen. The first one took both Dan & I, the second Tommy (in the pictures) was able to do without us." While Fergie has a lot of black coloration from her late Father, Freyr, she is built much like her maternal Great-Grandmother, Cherie. In the face, I think she is the spitting image of her Mother, Leysa!




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