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Born March 2009 To Leysa & Freyr


Recently, we got to spend the day with Koga! Koga was the only surviving pup from a litter of six. When she gave birth, Leysa still had a piece of afterbirth inside her, which caused an infection, and the infection passed through her milk to the pups, killing Koga's siblings. I had to hand-raise Koga until he was old enough to go home with our Foster Daughter, Kim and her husband Jacob. They have done a beautiful job picking up where I left off. Naturally, it has done my heart good to see this little guy, now two months old, thriving and turning into a well-adjusted young man! He is already completely house-trained, which for a two-month-old, is remarkable. Koga's canine family was just as happy to see him again as we humans were. Kyrja, especially was fascinated by Koga, since he was the first pup she ever watched come into the world.






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