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De Le Rose Great Danes


Alexander The Dane


(Born November 2008 To Fergie, Leysa & Freyr's Daughter)


Alexander The Dane is the son of Fergie De Le Rose Schenk and her mate.  Fergie is the daughter of our Leysa and Freyr, so "Xander" is their grandson.  That my Leysa and Freyr even have a grandson is hard for me to wrap my mind around.  It seems like yesterday that they were just pups themselves.  Odin is Xander's great-grandfather, and Wulf and Cherie were his great great-grandparents!  This young man has his great-great grandfather's build.  He is also the spitting image of his mother Fergie when she was that age.  In fact, at first, I mistook him in these photos for his mother, thinking they were older photos.  Fergie was born in 2007, and was quite the husky girl, like most of Leysa's babies.  Xander looks like he is going to be a remarkable dog as he grows!  Hopefully, his owner will keep us updated.







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