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(Born March 2002 To Wulf & Cherie)


Hannah & Daisy




Sadly, I have to report that Daisy recently died from bloat.  She was the spitting image of her mother in the face, but that of her father otherwise.  Her human mother writes: ” I just recently found your site.  We adopted Daisy from you back in May of 2002. She was almost 8 weeks at the time. She was such a wonderful companion and was the absolute sweetest dog I have ever come across. She unfortunately passed away from bloat over a year ago. I read on your site that one of her parents did as well.  What a horrible and painful experience.  She was also a huge....HUGE drooler as I also read one of her parents [Daisy's father, Wulf] was.  Like father, like daughter.


I have attached a couple of pictures of her for you to see what a pretty dog she was. The little girl in the pictures with her is our oldest daughter, Hannah. Hannah still talks about Daisy and misses her all the time. For the first six months or so after Daisy passed away, Hannah would sleep with her picture.


We are slowly thinking about getting another dog. It has taken a while for my husband, Brad to want to venture into another pet, as he was the one who had to "take care" of Daisy when she passed away and I think it really affected him. That was the most difficult thing either of us have ever had to do.


Thank you so much for such a spectacular dog!"


Rest in peace Daisy!  You will be loved always and never forgotten!



Terry D. Janes

7628 East 52nd Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64129




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