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Cosmo & Emma


Cosmo is from Cherie & Wulf's Third Litter.  His former owner was no longer able to care for him and her other Great Dane, Emma due to a divorce.  It broke Sandra's heart to have to give them up.  She dearly loved her Danes!  Sandra called me for help finding a good home for the dogs where they could remain together.  Finding a good home for an adult Great Dane can be a challenge.  Finding a good home for a pair is a bit tougher.  I didn't want to see these dogs be sent to a shelter, or split up.  I was fortunate enough to find them a great home!  Their new owners, Paul & Annette felt the same way I did about these great dogs.  Cosmo & Emma are now in their new home, and are adapting to the change.  Paul & Annette understand that it will take some time for the dogs to make the adjustment and are willing to invest the time and love into making these dogs feel at home.  My congratulations to Paul and Annette on their new family members, along with my thanks for rescuing two great dogs from a possibly horrible fate.  I wish them many happy years together!









Last year, their former owner, Sandra wrote: ”Here are a few pictures of the gang (below).  Cosmo is so fast now; he's hard to catch with the camera.  One of the pictures with the two Danes and the poodle is funny.  Diablo (poodle) is the boss of the house.  When any one of the dogs gets in trouble for something, he has to put his two cents in too.  It's too funny watching a 7-pound poodle boss around a 110-pound Dane.  Cosmo doesn't put up with it as much as Emma does.  I can already see the differences between male/female Danes.  Cosmo has quite the attitude and Emma is more laid back.  I've had so many people ask me if great Danes are aggressive to little dogs.  People are worried that the Danes would hurt the little dogs.  It's actually the other way around. Emma is scared of anything smaller than herself.  We took her to a farm store where they were selling little chicks and she was scared to death of those little things.  Cosmo and Emma play all the time now, sometimes they get so loud and rough, I have to send them outside before someone or something gets knocked over.  At last vet check, Cosmo weighed in at 30 pounds already.  He's gaining weight like a champ.  He goes with rides with us all the time but is still getting carsick.  The vet said he should grow out of it eventually."










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