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Hera Rose

(From Saga & Odin's Final Litter)


Hera Rose was one of three out of a litter of 13 pups that our Saga carried in her final litter.  Sadly, we lost ten of those pups, and very nearly lost them all.  Saga could not nurse, due to her emergency c-section caused by a ruptured uterus.  Saga did live long enough for this litter to be almost ready to go off to their new homes, but then we lost her as well to kidney problems brought on by a bacterial infection.  For the eight weeks we had these pups, I had to do all the feeding.  In the beginning it was every fifteen minutes around the clock with a syringe.  Hera had a steely determination to survive, so I fought hard to help her all I could.  I am thrilled to see my sweet Hera adapting and growing into the fine young lady I knew she would be.  Her momma, Saga would be proud of her.  She is her mother's daughter!


Her owner writes: " Hera is growing like a weed.  She is extremely protective and super smart.  She "sits" and "lays" for treats of course.  Bradley usually takes her to work with him during the day and she plays outside all day.  We take her mostly everywhere we go and she is becoming quite little miss popularity.  This past weekend was a large festival in our town for the 4th of July so we took her to the pet contest and she cleaned house.  She won 1st place "Most Talkative", 2nd place "Friendliest" and 2nd place "Most Obedient".   We were very proud of her.  We have been feeding her twice a day the Nutro dog food you suggested.  So far we haven't had any problems.  She did have a few accidents in the beginning but that didn't last very long.  We usually put her in her kennel at night and she doesn't wake up during the night anymore.  She did quite a bit at first.  Thank you so much, we love our puppy. :)"





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