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(From Saga & Odin's Final Litter)


Asa was one of three out of a litter of 13 pups that our Saga carried in her final litter.  Sadly, we lost ten of those pups, and very nearly lost them all.  Saga could not nurse, due to her emergency c-section caused by a ruptured uterus.  Saga did live long enough for this litter to be almost ready to go off to their new homes, but then we lost her as well to kidney problems brought on by the same infection that plagued the pups.  For the eight weeks we had these pups, I had to do all the feeding.  In the beginning it was every fifteen minutes around the clock with a syringe.  Asa was the weakest of the three that survived, but she had a steely determination to survive, so I fought hard to help her all I could.  Even though Asa came through everything and came out healthy, I felt she needed special care and love.  There was one person I knew who would be just perfect, and that was our foster daughter, Kim, and her husband Jacob.  I was thrilled to see my sweet Asa adapting and growing into the fine young lady I knew she could be.  Her momma, Saga would be proud of her.  She was her mother's daughter! Sadly, since these photos were originally posted, Kim and Jacob lost Asa. Their vet said that her kidneys were bad. I have to believe that the cause for that was two-fold. Asa was the smallest and weakest of the litter, and the same bacterial infection that had killed her mother no doubt played a role here. Also, when I was feeding that litter before they could eat solid food, the formula I used was Nestle's milk-based formula. To my horror, I later heard on the news that this formula contained melamine from China, and had been recalled. I cannot prove in a court of law that Nestle is responsible for the death of my pups, or Asa's death. However, given what we now know about the fate of the thousands of Chinese babies fed formula containing melamine, I cannot help but believe that the death of those pups was a combination of the bacterial infection complicated by bad formula. I had thought that I was doing well by my pups by buying an American made formula, but I never counted on it having Chinese ingredients. I shudder to think about how many human babies may also suffer from that formula.





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