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Well, this is Dakotas Regal Majestic Black- my lil man Koda!!!  Little isn't the word for him though!!  He is 80lbs 28" tall and getting bigger ALL THE TIME! LOL!  He is a chow hound- and LOVES that I run a day care!  All the "free" goodies he can sneak! I try to keep the "goodies" down, but kids are faster than I am, and the dog is faster than all of us!  He is healthy though- no too chubby and his joints are all fairing well- monthly vet checks ensure that his bones are growing well and not TOOO TOOO quick for him.  We have him on Chicken Soup for the Dogs Soul- awesome food with human grade meat as its first four ingredients, and he loves it!  We have kept his ears natural, however, he will be getting fixed after he hits his 6 mo. mark.  We did have a problem with skin allergies- but it turned out to be a carpet cleaning powder I used.  So, without further are some pics of him!

Justin, Sasha & Michaela



At About 10 Weeks


At About 8 Weeks


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