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Meili & Hrolfr's Third Litter

(Born May 15, 2017)


Age Three Weeks


The pups will officially be 3 weeks old tomorrow (Monday). In the past, we always waited until they were 4 weeks old, because many times you'll lose a pup early on. However, this litter is doing so well that we expect they will all be fine. We've been supplementing them with formula to help ease Meili's burden.  Very soon now, we will introduce them to cereal with the formula, to help them stay satisfied longer between meals. We will probably do that for a few days before starting them on baby food. Their eyes are more open now, and their teeth have started coming in.


As promised, I ordered some color-coded collars so folks can distinguish between the pups, since they look so much alike. However, I ordered the small ones, and before they even arrived, the pups had grown so much that the collars barely fit. I have already ordered the medium and large versions of the collars, so they should arrive in the next week.  I have also ordered their AKC papers, so those should arrive in a week or two. There are two families on the waiting list currently to choose a pup, then I will begin allowing anyone else to choose one. If you want to get one of these pups, I urge you to decide quickly, and let me know, as the list usually fills up quickly.  Also as promised, we have shot photos of the pups individually, and then as a group. I apologize for the blurriness in many of the photos. The pups did not want to hold still long, so shooting good photos was quite the challenge.


Orange Collar Boy

















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