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80th Infantry Division

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I hope that as this area develops, it may serve as a fitting tribute to those brave souls who fought that horrible war.



Bob Murrell, Machine Gunner, 318th Regt.


The 610th Tank Destroyer Battalion By Roy McGrann


633rd AAA AW Battalion


811th Tank Destroyer Battalion


Bastogne 2011 Event


80th Division L5 Recon Plane


80th Division Maps


80th Division Members Awarded The Medal Of Honor


80th Division Memorial


80th Division Monument


80th Division Memorial Monuments In Luxembourg


80th Division Pictorial Book


80th Division Christmas Cards


80th Division POW Camp


80th Artifacts


317th Regt. HQ Communications


305th Combat Engineer History


305th Medical Battalion Journal


317th Infantry Regiment, Company B


318th Infantry Regiment, Company A Roster


319th Infantry Regiment, Company H


Agricultural School, Ettelbruck, Luxemburg


Albert B. Taylor, Company C, 1st Battalion, 318th Regiment


T/5 Louis Archambeau




Arlington National Cemetery At Christmas


Ash Richards, 319th Infantry Regiment


S/Sgt. Bob Burrows, S-2, 317th Infantry Regiment


Battle Of The Bulge


Bloody Knob


Pvt. Charles Garland Brinkley


Don A. Stewart, 610th Tank Destroyer Battalion


Dear Liberators


Captain Edward W. Stewart, Svc Co., 1st Bn., 317th Regiment


Enemy Units Fought By Patton's Troubleshooters


Ebensee Nazi Labor Camp


Edgar E. Bredbenner, Jr., Company B, 318th Regiment


Edgar Bredbenner-80th Historian


Eugene C. Kazanecki


PFC Forrest H. Davies, Father, Soldier, Hero


Fred S. Foerster, 317th Regt. KIA


Pvt. Thomas Guida, 305th Engineer Battalion, 80th Division


T/5 Richard B. Herklotz, Co. G, 318th Regiment, 80th Division


Irvin Keith Reeves-317th Regt. KIA


James M. Morgan, Medical Detachment, 319th Regiment


Jim Pasquarette-Ancy Le Franc


Ken Aladeen, AT Company, 318th Infantry Regiment


Robert E. Burton, 1st Bn., 317th Infantry Regiment


80th Division Casualty Totals


Preserving The Past


Pvt. Jadie Cauthron, 317th Regt., Co. E


Lt. Noah W. Collett, Jr., Co. H, 319th Infantry Regiment


Bill Costley, Co. C, 319th Infantry Regiment


S/Sgt. Day Turner, 319th Regiment MOH Awardee Grave


The Bridge At le Pont de Mons


Marlene Dietrich Visit To The 80th Division


Farebersviller, France


Farebersviller Remembered


General Orders Number 98


Nick Gomez, I & R Platoon, 1st Battalion, 319th Regiment


German Museum Exhibits


Lt. William L. Harlow, 317th Regiment


1st Sgt. Allen Harris, I Co., 319th Regiment


Sgt. Warren W. Knauss, L Co., 318th Regiment


Sgt. Bill Krehbiel, L Co., 319th Regiment Photo Collection


Pvt. Marvin Lamb, Co. A, 317th Regiment


Private Dick Land, 319th Regiment


Sgt. James L. Martin, Company M, 319th Infantry Regiment


St. Sauveur, France


HMS Mauretania


Richard McCormick, 2nd Platoon, L Co., 319th Regiment Photo Collection


1st Sgt. Thomas C. McKinsey, 315th Field Artillery Battalion Photo Collection


S/Sgt. Dean C. Midey, A Co., 317th Regiment


Morey, France Battlefield


The Moselle-An Infantry Perspective


Lt. Col. Russell E. Murray, C.O., 2nd Bn., 317th Regiment


Virgil Myers, G Co., 317th Regiment


Francis M. Neichly


Nocher, Luxembourg Liberation 70th Anniversary


S/Sgt Thomas P. Parkinson, Oper. Sgt, HQ, 2nd Battalion, 319th Regiment


Gen. George S. Patton, C.G., 3rd U.S. Army


313th F.A. Bn. and 2nd Bn., 318th Reg. Receive Presidential Unit Citation


Maj. Robert "Bob" Rawls, 305th Engineer Battalion, 80th Inf. Division


Sacrifice And Loss-The Ruzich Family


PFC John Quick, Co. C, 1st Bn., 319th Regt.


Saaralbe, France Monument


Don Schoo, 633rd A.A.A. A.W. Battalion


PFC Kenard R. Schrock, 317th Regt., Company H


Jerome Schweihs Division HQ, 80th Infantry Division Photo Collection


Corporal Lawrence F. Shea, Co. A, 318th Regiment


Sweating It Out-Al Durbin 80th Recon


Lt. Richard Swope, HQ Co., 2 Bn., 318th Regiment


Rudy Tomasik, 319th Regiment


Claire Van Dusen, 80th Infantry Division Ordnance


Request For Help-Weimar, Germany




Lt. Don Wesson, Communications Officer, 319th Regiment


Private Harry A. Wolfe, Co. G, 318th Regiment




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