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702nd Tank Battalion

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I hope that as this area develops, it may serve as a fitting tribute to those brave souls who fought that horrible war.

Terry D. Janes



B Company Guidon, 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils


General H. Norman Schwarzkopf


702 News


702nd Tank Battalion, Company A Awards Roster


702nd Tank Battalion, Company A History-Complete


702nd Tank Battalion, Company A Purple Heart Roster


702nd Tank Battalion Crosses The Rhine At Koblenz


702nd Tank Battalion Battle Casualties


702nd Tank Battalion Officer Roster


702nd Tank Battalion Photos


702nd Tank Battalion Red Devil Association 2004 Reunion


702nd Tank Battalion Red Devil Association 2008 Reunion


702nd Tank Battalion Red Devil Association Roster of 1965


1944 Christmas Card From A Red Devil


80th Captures Adlerhorst


80th Division Doughboy Ambush


Adolph Duffy Facini


Alex Fanok, Jr.


S/Sgt. Woolston H. Foster, Jr.


William "Bill" F. Carley


Black John: The Canine Red Devil


Bonds Of Love And War: Lela & Joe


Bonifacio "Fish" Yraguen


PFC Lee Bumgardner


Captain Richard Stover


C. Thomas Wein


Colonel Bill


Distinguished Service Medal Winning Padre


Sgt. Ed Glofka


Lt. J. Edgar Swanin


Sgt. Edward Baroni


S/Sgt. Frank Lee "Pappy" Ream Jr.


The Final Task Force


S/Sgt. Fred Riley


2nd Lt. Maurice E. Friel


Sgt. Lawrence Fredrick Gaffney, Jr.


George Gearheart Silver Star Medal


God's Stepchildren




Grossenritte, Germany




Hoover: 80th Division Mayor of Kaiserslautern


Hosingen Memorial


Hotline 2004-Reunion Issue


Hotline 2004-Summer Issue


Hotline 2004-Udate


Hotline 2004-Winter Issue


Hotline 2006-Summer Issue


Hotline 2007-Summer Issue


Hotline 2008-Summer Issue


Ike's Message To Invading Troops


Infantryman's View Of Tank Losses At Argentan


Joe Pizza Album, Company A, 702nd Tank Battalion


Joseph A. Abraham, Sr.


Joseph De Laurentis


William C. Beck


Joseph Zeke DeRuvo Photo Album


Joe Emma


Preserving The Past


PFC John J. Dibean


Jim Hardy


Lady Luck


The Last Red Devil Tank


Lela & Joe


Mad Dog


John Manning, Company A


Mary Dopp


Commendation From McBride


Milt Still


S/Sgt Mitchell J. "Mike" Szymanski


Stanley Nortavage


The MP And The Prince


Carl A. Nordstrom, Battalion S-2


Otto Olson, Intelligence S-2 Sergeant


A Very Nasty Nazi Captured


Ray F. Trach


Robert A. Nelson Photo Album


Robert Michael


Staff Sergeant Matthew Mangiacotti


Sampson C. Willoughby


Our River Crossing


General Patton


T/4 John Pertschi, Company A


Camp Phillips, Kansas


Pompey, France


Determined P.O.W.


Psychological Warfare


Fred Bodkin's Red Devil Rabbits


Red Devil Flag Returned Home


Red Devil Memorials


Red Devil Photo Album


Red Devil Song


Colonel Harold Slim Rives


Bill Royce-Underage Hero


Red Devil Salute To The Flag


Screwdriver Sam Graf


Maurice Seiler Battlefield Photos


Seille River Crossing Battle Plans


Capt. Sid Cohen


PFC Wesley Edward Swartzbeck Photo Album


Colonel Ralph Talbot


Anthony M. Tallerico


Thanks To A Congressman


Edward J. Trunick


Ville au Val, France


Jack Bucky Weaver


Edward Wizda-Company C Historian


Potosky, Tarzia & Hickle




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